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Lake Cumberland Jammers

The Lake Cumberland Jammers meet every Tuesday night at the Carnegie Community Arts Center - located at 107 North Main Street, in Somerset, KY. Beginning about 5:30 PM, musicians (pickers) and spectators(grinners) begin arriving at the jam, and by 6 PM the music begins in full swing. Folks are treated to an evening of down-home music and refreshments are provided free.

The pickers sit in a large semi-circle and take turns singing and leading the others in their favorite songs. The music ranges from old time favorites, bluegrass standards, country classics , gospel songs, to original songs by some of the “jammers”. Members of the audience will occasionally step into the circle to sing one of their favorites.

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As blues artist and fans alike, our society works together to preserve blues history and its place in our culture. This is accomplished through education of our local community, support of local and regional blues musicians, and the fellowship of its fans. We are affiliated with the Carnegie Community Arts Center, and regularly have meetings and open blues jam sessions. We welcome all to come and be a part of the Lake Cumberland Area Blues Society.

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Tunes At Noon

The Carnegie Community Arts Center presents Tunes at Noon the fourth Friday of each month. The event  features musical guests plus a light lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Giddens Hall. Lunch is served for only $5.50. 

In an effort to support and promote local entertainers, the Carnegie will feature a different artist each month offering an affordable lunch and live entertainment to guests who want to experience something a little different during their busy day. The time period will allow both early and late lunch-goers to take advantage of the performances. “Brown Baggers” are welcome for $1 donation to the Carnegie. Reservations for large tables are recommended.

Area Musicians/Artists are encouraged to audition and get on the list to play during these weekly events. This is an opportunity to let the citizens of Somerset and Pulaski County see what great talent there is in the community. 

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The 3rd Friday Folk Coffeehouse is making good use of the refurbished downstairs café room at the Carnegie. The once-a-month venue will be hosting professional folk musicians from Kentucky and beyond along with local and regional performers.

The coffeehouse came about through the joint interest of local folksingers Joe LaMay & Sherri Reese, along with Carniegie violin teacher, Bill McNeil, to provide a musical experience in the basement space for the enjoyment of the Somerset community. 

Along with the Carnegie Community Art Center, the coffeehouse is also supported by the Watershed Arts Alliance, and the McNeil Voice Studio. 3rd Friday folk is also an official Woodsongs Coffeehouse, under the umbrella of Michael Jonathan’s Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour (NPR). Michael Jonathan will be the featured performer at June’s coffeehouse along with LaMay & Reese.

The coffeehouse hopes to become an integral part of the resurging arts and community atmosphere which is spreading through the downtown Somerset area along with the Carnegie and events such as Market on Main.

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In 1994 a small group of artists decided it was time to form an active friendly guild in our lovely community of Somerset, Kentucky. Because the beauty of our area is often a theme in our work we call ourselves the "Sheltowee Artisans" after the now 308 mile, historic hiking trail, the Sheltowee Trace, meandering through our region. Our logo is the turtle because the name "Sheltowee" was given Daniel Boone by our native Americans many years ago and means "Big Turtle." From that small group of artists yearning for interaction, the Sheltowee artisans have grown into a 75+ member force. It was important from the beginning of our concept to support one another and amplify our community's awareness of the value and quality of fine handcrafted work. Our growth and enthusiasm as a group allows us to reach further into business partnerships within our community, and establish venues for our work.

We are involved at present with two regional art and craft fairs in Somerset, KY: one at our Center for Economic and Rural Development in November and one with the nationally acclaimed Master Musician's Festival in July. Reaching out to the public, we generally hold one annual jury event in March for new members and offer educational workshops on professional art-related subjects. We also like to partner with other regional art and craft fairs like the Berea Craft Fair in Berea, KY (held in July). Many of our members represent themselves nationally at wholesale and retail shows bringing a wide range of experience back to the group.